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Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my new website. I have not completed it yet (hopefully that is obvious.) but it will be slowly built and edited. I finally have a fast enough computer to keep up with me! So, I shall gladly torture you all with my business.

To my non-rabbit friends,
I breed rabbits, and I will be filling this site with pictures of them. I will post things that you could be interested in, in this blog; like what I did that day or random picures. Those along with all the rabbit updates. This is my business website as well as personal fun. But, feel free to nose around, look at the pictures, and go "aw...cute bunnies" Alright? Thank you for your support.

To my rabbit friends,
I will try to keep this site updated with current pictures, information, and dates of shows. I hope you enjoy browsing and looking at my rabbits! Feel free to ask questions and e-mail me for even more current data, or to tell me to get my butt in gear and edit my website if I haven't for a while! Thank you!

I haven't quite decided how this all will go. I might blog daily, I might never blog. I might blog about randomocities or post pictures of ice cream. I think only time will tell.....

Thank you for looking and supporting me! I hope you have a fantastic day.

-Abby/ Abigail


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