Sales Policy

            I cannot guarantee the quality of any junior I sell. They change too much for me to be able to tell what they will be like as a senior. I will, however, give you my honest opinion on the rabbit.

If, for some reason, you decide to sell the rabbit please notify me.  I may want to purchase it, or know where it is going. I will hold rabbits for up to 2 weeks unless scheduled otherwise. If you purchase ahead of time, I am holding it for you, and for some reason you can not take it I will send half of the money back, unless other arrangements have been made. Please try to be as absolute in descisions as possible. I can not afford to have people backing out on me all of the time. I have many people that want my rabbits.           

                           I have the right to refuse a sale for any reason. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. These are my animals and I have put a lot of hard work, tears, and time into raising, showing, and caring for these rabbits. They are mine to sell or do with as I please. I do not breed to cater to people, I breed for the betterment of my herd and the Fuzzy Lop breed. If I do not feel you are fit for a home, I will cancel the sale. I cannot guarantee the health of a rabbit after three days of it leaving my care. All of my rabbits are well cared for, and will not leave unless they are completely healthy. If the rabbit has a genetic default that I missed, I will replace the rabbit or refund you your money.

Sorry, I know this all sounds very harsh. But it is crucial in protecting me and my herd.

Available AFL

Upcoming litters are due late September. I should have some available then.