Other AFL Breeders

Laura's Fuzzies (http://www.freewebs.com/laurasfuzzies/)~ Laura breeds AFL in Ohio. She works with Lynx, Opal, Chestnut, Chinchilla, BEW, REW, Fawn, Orange, Tort, Blue Tort, Lilac, Blue, Otter, Pointed White, and Sable Point.
Golden Acre Rabbitry (http://goldenacrerabbitry.weebly.com)~ Tabatha breeds AFL and HL in Ohio. She has many beautiful Agoutis, wide bands, and a few otters.

Bastet's Bunnies (http://www.bastetsbunnies.com)~ Dawn breeds AFL, LH, and a few HL in Ohio. She works mainly with tort in the AFL with a few shaded and self. She focuses on REW, Pointed White, and Shaded LH.

RCM's Rabbits (http://rcmrabbits.tripod.com)~ Megan, Carly, and Rachel breed AFL, PO, and HL, respectively, in Ohio. Megan works with tort, agouti, and wide band. Carly with chocolate, blue, and black. Rachel with numerous varieties but focusing on tort.

Non- AFL Breeders

Locket Lops Rabbitry (http://www.locketlops.com)~ Laura breeds ND and HL in North Carolina. She works on Tan Pattern, Self, and AOV dwarfs and gorgeous Orange and Chestnut HL.